Professional installation greatly affects the longevity and appearance of any construction project. Graco Construction is so confident of its trained employees that we guarantee our workmanship for the intended life of every project that we complete.

If any problem arises as a result of our workmanship, we will correct it for free.

You can rest easy knowing that your project is guaranteed by Graco Construction.

Did you know that at least 98% of all construction failures -
Have nothing to do with the materials that were used?

Those failures are almost always the result of poor workmanship. The company or contractor: Didn't know what they were doing or didn't care.

When it comes to your home, you cannot take chances. The company you hire must:

Do your job right the first time.
Provide expert quality and service.
And, stand behind their work.

We will!  And we have a system in place that guarantees it!

The solution is our proven
3 stage system


Our employees attend several training seminars throughout the year to be sure we are up to date on all new products and manufacturer’s recommended installation process.


We follow all codes and guidelines set by each municipality we work in. Each employee must meet or exceed these standards. A project manager is the approving quality control inspector.


Lifetime Guarantee. We are so confident in the expertise of our employees that we stand behind their work with a lifetime workmanship warranty. We are the only company to offer this.

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